Egress Window Installation

Many homes built before the 1990s feature small windows in the basement. These windows offer no benefit to the occupants except allowing a little light to seep through. Therefore, there has been a major shift in installing egress windows in basements over the last 20 years.

Currently, egress windows have even become a requirement for new homes. Egress window installation will give you access to the following benefits:

  1. An escape for occupants in case of an emergency such as a fire, since the windows are large enough to act as an exit.
  1. Allow more light and air into the basement, making the space more livable.
  1. It will increase the value of the home. The basement can be used for various purposes as a result of having enough light and air from the egress window. Consequently, this increases the total square footage of livable space in the home.

Egress windows are a valuable addition to a home. Many homeowners are tempted to install their own egress windows. However, this can result in complications especially when there is no experience involved. Rather, professional egress window installation will ensure that:

  • Your home meets local code regulations

Code regulations relating to egress windows are extremely specific and strict. Attempting to install it yourself may seem the easiest option, but unfortunately, it may result in an even bigger headache. If you install the egress window on your own and it doesn’t meet code, you will not be given a permit for the renovation. Rather, you’ll end up having to call a professional contractor to install the window correctly. Therefore, in the end, you’ll end up spending more money for this installation than you would have spent having called a professional in the first place.

  • It’s more complex than it looks

Egress window installation is not as simple as it appears. First, you’ll need to cut into your foundation wall. It is good to remember that your foundation is what holds up the rest of your home. Therefore, any mistake made in the cutting and installation can result in serious damage to the foundation or the house as a whole. This could result in extensive repairs, which in the end can be very expensive.

  • Avoid water damage

Incorrect installation of the egress window can result in water issues in your basement. Poor sealing of the window will allow water to enter the basement and wreak havoc. However, a professional will ensure proper sealing of the window as well as the efficient design of the window. This, in turn, allows for proper drainage and eliminates the possible risk of water damage.