The first line of defense against basement seepage is the gutter system.  You can save yourself a lot of basement water problems by maintaining your rain gutters and downspouts.

If your rain gutter system is damaged or clogged, rain water may be dumping water along your foundation, which can lead to water intrusion and foundation damage.   However, there are things you can do.

Clean your gutters twice a year in Long Island

No one ever likes to clean the gutters. It is a dirty job but it is necessary.  It is recommended to clean your gutters at least twice a year in the spring and in the fall.  Keeping the gutters clean and free of leaves and debris will keep them running smoothly.  If you don’t want to climb on the roof yourself, there are professionals who will clean your gutters for you.  Either way, just make sure that your gutters are in working order.

Clear downspouts

The same goes for downspouts.  It is important to make sure the downspouts are clean and clear of any debris. Clogged downspouts can cause water damage to your house if left alone.

Fix broken pieces

If you see any broken, loose, or leaking sections of the gutter or downspout it should be fixed as soon as possible.  Keeping up on this type of maintenance will save you from fixing damaged siding, soffits, or fascia or even worse fixing a cracked or leaky foundation.

Channel water away from the house

The downspouts should connect to drainage that channels the runoff away from the house.  If you let water build-up along the foundation wall and don’t properly channel it away, the soil becomes too saturated and can actually crack your foundation through what is called hydrostatic pressure.  Also too much water by the foundation wall can cause water intrusion.  Water will find its way into the basement through hairline cracks, window wells, or seams in the concrete wall or slab.

Overall, maintaining your gutters, downspouts and drainage system can help prevent future problems.  Don’t ignore problems with your gutters or downspouts.

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