Acrylate Injection Project

Plandome, NY

Residential Home Bayview Circle Plandome, NY 11507 Date: 3/2/2005 Project:
  • Remove (4) continuously running sump pumps with a strong iron bacteria presents in the ground water.Control ground water with the use of 3 temporary wells & sump pumps. Demo and remove the existing concrete slab.
  • Excavate 18” 750-800 cubic ft. of the clay base. Installed a 4” layer of 1 ½” bluestone gravel, let dry and mechanically compact with hydraulic tampers.
  • Installed a steel reinforced 6” concrete slab over compacted stone and under the footing system.
  • Ready mix concrete was supplied at 5000PSI, 4” slump and an Aquafin –IC Admix liquid crystalline waterproofing additive.
  • Installed (2) coats of HLM5000 cold applied elastomeric waterproof membrane.
  • Installed an 14” steel reinforced concrete slab @ 5000 PSI with Aquafin –IC Admix liquid crystalline waterproofing.
  • Drilled ½” holes through the concrete slab 8” from the wall on a 45% angle every 10” on center, to the exterior.
  • Injected an acrylate resin Aquafin InjectPro-pm3811-Flex to stop groundwater, stabilizing soil behind and creating a grout curtain.

Product Description: InjectPro-PM3811-Flex is specifically formulated for areas subject to movement with elongation of up to 275%. It is able to permeate very fine soil and fill voids between the interface area of the concrete and soil to provide excellent waterproofing capabilities for use in the creation of grout curtains behind existing concrete walls or abutments.

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