Epoxy and Coatings

Epoxy & Coatings

AM Shield utilizes a high strength, hydrophobic, breathing type epoxy coating. The benifits are an interior waterproof coating that will not trap moisture in the wall. This exclusive formula combines flexibility with the hardness of epoxy resins. During the curing phase, the polymers cross-link to create a macromolecule of extreme durability to provide optimum resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, severe below grade hydrostatic pressure, & other environmental conditions.


Can be specified for use on all types of damp interior or exterior, above or below grade masonry surfaces including concrete, brick, various types of masonry block, mortar, stucco, adobe, cast-stone, or sandstone.

Resists Hydrostatic pressure: Interior, below grade walls withstands hydrostatic pressure of over 40 PSI without leaking, exceeding Federal Specification TT-P-001411.

Water Resistance: Will effectively protect substrate and prevent the absorption of exterior moisture as tested using Wind Driven Rain Machine in accordance with Federal Specification TTC-001224

Efflorescence Control: The passage of water through masonry units dissolves free lime and other salts including sodium, calcium or potassium, carrying them to the outer surface. The salts then crystallize to form efflorescence, an objectionable discoloration of the surface. Our epoxy coating prevents the major cause of efflorescence deposits.

Alkali Resistant: Excellent resistance to alkalis in accord with ASTM D-543.

Non-Oxidizing: Does not contain silicone or oxidizing ingredients such as marine oils, or vegetable oils. Will not oxidize in accord with ASTM D-822.

The Solution

Epoxy Basement Floor CoatingFlexibility: Retains ability to flex with movement of the structure. Passes 1/8th” Mandrel test as per ASTM D-822

Solvent Free: Contains water extended resins that cure by catalytic polymerization.

No unpleasant odor: Since there are no toxic or odorous solvents in the product, it can be used in occupied areas with no discomfort including schools, homes, & hospitals. It is also ecologically safe and acceptable.

USDA Approved: USDA Approved for use in food preparation areas.

Vapor Transmission: Does allow some vapor transmission in accordance with ASTM D-1653. Perm 1.75.

High Solids: Solids are 56% by volume. The high resin filler ratio giving it superior waterproofing properties over a prolonged period of time. Thixotropic additives allow for uniform vertical spray applications with high film builds up to 30 wet mils without sag, surface checking or mud cracking.

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