A.M. Shield also builds our own custom masonry egress wells and beautiful masonry basement walk outs.

Boman Kemp Basement Window Well Systems are a complete solution that include the Easy Buck, Easy Well, vinyl window, safety grate, window well cover, and escape ladder.

Safety Grates

High quality safety window well grates keep children and animals from falling into the window well.

To ensure the safety of the occupants of the home, an egress escape ladder is attached to the back of the window well for emergency escape.

Boman Kemp Crawl Space Door
A.M Shield Waterproofing installs the lockable and visually pleasing, Boman Kemp Access Door.

Natural Style
Rockwell Window Wells are designed to replicate the color and texture of real stone to add a little luxury to your basement.

Built from high-strength composites, our products are rust proof, temperature resistant and won’t collapse from backfill pressure. Invest in window wells that are designed to last.

Our egress window wells come with built-in steps that allow easy-escape access during emergencies. Ensure your family’s safety in any room of your basement.

10-year Limited Warranty
Get peace of mind knowing that your new window wells are covered by a ten-year limited warranty—including product repair and replacement at no charge.



There are several styles of windows that work well for basements and meet building code requirements.

Tilt and Turn –In-swing Casement
Tilt turn windows are very stylish, functional and attractive windows, suitable for any application. Tilt turn windows are multifunctional: they can open as casement windows to the inside of your home or be hinged at the bottom and open inward.

Sliding Window
Great for adding more light to spacious basements. These windows have to be wider and taller because the opening is only half as wide as the window. This is due to the sash, which slides horizontally.

In-Swing, Single Hung Egress Window
This dual function, single hung egress window lets you easily let fresh air into your basement, improving the ventilation of the livable space. In its other capacity, it also swings in easily when you need an alternative exit during an emergency, such as fire or flood.


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