Why a Closed Pressure Relief System?

Pressure Relief System New York

The most common system that waterproofing contractors install is finished with an open space between the floor and wall to “allow water to enter the system”. This type of installation is known as an “open back system”, but it has its faults.

1. Radon and soil gases can easily come up an open system.
2. Insects can come up an open system.
3. Stack effect of the home will suck up ground moisture into the living space through an open system.
4. Iron Bacteria will flourish more if the drainage system is open.
5. With open drainage systems a dehumidifier will “draw up” ground humidity.
6. Open systems will penalize the homeowner by higher heating and cooling costs.

We are the FIRST waterproofing contractor in the area to offer a closed pressure relief systems delivering a far superior product. At AM Shield we pride ourselves in being ahead of the curve to better serve our customers.


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