The treated lumber in direct contact with the top of the foundation is called the sill plate and is the connection point where the rest of building is constructed.

Most sill plates should be situated above the ground with proper ground slope for water to flow naturally downhill away from the home.

When a sill plate is situated below the soil or behind concrete , this can sometimes be a point of concern that the moisture is able to get to the wood sill plate and eventually cause wood rot and water issues.

The A. M. Shield sill plate drainage system is placed beneath the top of the foundation. Our system combines the 90 mil Tegra -Tite 500 membrane with Geo-Wrap drainage board with a footing drain.

From exterior drainage to complete sill plate replacement A.M. Shield Waterproofing has been solving New York’s sill plate issues for over 25 years .

Areas of the sill plate will leak when exposed improper slope away from the building or in most cases when the sill plate Is buried under soil, concrete & masonry. When exterior siding is buried below the soil ,water and moisture can effect the sill plate and first floor framing.

Commonly, brick paver patios, steps, landings and landscape built above the sill line will leak because this area of the building is not always designed to stop water when its not a minimum of 2” above grade.


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