Most people look into basement waterproofing in response to a problem. If you are reading this blog you probably have a basement leak, standing water in the basement, moisture building up along the walls, or water seeping up through the concrete slab. The paint could be peeling back or maybe you found mold somewhere in the basement. Basement waterproofing is the solution to most of these water problems.

However, basement waterproofing can also be a benefit to your foundation. Think of basement waterproofing as insurance for your foundation. Basement waterproofing is really about prevention and protecting your foundation from serious structural damage.

Ignoring a water problem in the basement is asking for foundation issues in the future. If you have water either coming up through the slab, coming through the cusp where the slab meets the wall or through foundation cracks, it is a sign that you have pressure building up on the outside of your foundation wall. Hydrostatic pressure from water in the soil outside your foundation can push against your foundation and weaken it. The worst case scenario is structural damage. If you have a block wall foundation hydrostatic pressure could lead to the wall bowing or collapsing. If you have a poured wall foundation or solid precast foundation, hydrostatic pressure and water issues could lead to structural cracks, deterioration or settling and foundation movement that would need to be fixed with underpinning.

While basement waterproofing will solve your immediate water issue, basement waterproofing can also benefit your foundation in the way of preventing future damage and structural issues. If you already are seeing signs of structural damage look for a basement waterproofing contractor who specializes in foundation and structural repair who can install some sort of underpinning method. The foundation issue and the circumstances will determine what structural repair technique is needed if at all. Look into all your options from all the different types of piers to anchors or carbon fiber. Find a contractor who has many different techniques to fix the various basement and foundation problems out there. Basement waterproofing doesn’t have just one solution. Find a contractor to diagnose your unique issue.