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Can Basement Windows Replace Egress Window Systems in Albertson NY?

Egress Window Systems in Albertson NY

Investing in your basement is a great way to increase your floor space without spending too much on an extension. A finished basement that is up to code can quickly pay for itself in terms of rental potential or even house value. However, the initial investment is often quite hefty. It is common to find homeowners searching for different ways to cut corners and therefore reduce their costs. However, this often results in costly problems down the road.

One common area that homeowners think that they can cut costs is in egress window systems. Homeowners may opt for cheap solutions to avoid spending money on a standard egress window. One common way is by having a basement window installed.

A window is a window, right?

The most common argument for homeowners choosing basement windows over egress window systems is that any window should do in the space. However, this isn’t the case. Basement windows are not designed to be used in basements and are therefore not suitable in many ways.

  1. Lack of safety features

Egress windows are much more than openings to let light and air through. These windows are required for safety. They are designed to be emergency exists in case of an emergency in the home. They are also designed to allow access into the home by emergency personnel.

These functions are not taken into consideration in the design of basement windows. These windows therefore do not often have many of the safety features that an egress window would have. You are therefore not likely to meet the standards of the building code with a basement window.

  1. Can’t work in limited spaces

Even if you find a basement window that will meet the code of egress windows, it is highly unlikely that it will work in the tight space that is available in the basement. The space requirements of building codes leave little room to play with. The sweep of the basement window is likely to be impeded when the window is installed.

  1. Not built for use in the basement

Basement windows aren’t designed or built for use in the basement. The materials used are not up to the standards of IRC Code. This means that the windows pose a safety risk. This is often discovered when it is too late.

Egress window systems are worth every penny spent on them. Be sure to invest in a system that meets building code.

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