Do you have questions about egress windows? Read on to find answers to some of the most common questions that homeowners ask about these windows.

What do I do if I have a bedroom in the basement?

It is a requirement of the Building Code to have a window in the bedroom. This means that if the bedroom is separate from the rest of the basement space, an egress window must be installed in the bedroom. If you have two separate bedrooms in the basement, then you will need two window systems installed i.e. one for each bedroom.

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How quickly can I expect an estimate from a contractor?

You can get an estimate from a contractor instantly. However, be careful to only accept estimates from contractors that have actually inspected your home, listened to your needs and assessed the situation. They are better able to make recommendations and provide more accurate quotations. You are under no obligation to commit to any contractor even after the presentation of an estimate.

Can I install an egress window in a finished basement?

Yes. In fact, more than 80% of the installations done are for finished basements. The procedure for installation is just like any other basement. However, contractors will take special care to protect the interior of the basement from debris and damage during the installation.

My window well is flooding. What can I do?

You should contact a contractor to have a drainage system installed in the window well. This will help to direct water away from the window well and prevent flooding. It will also help to prevent water from penetrating your basement and causing basement moisture problems.

Will installing an egress window weaken the foundation?

Installing egress windows involves cutting into the foundation. An experienced contractor will assess your foundation to ensure that the installation does not interfere with load-bearing points in your wall. They will also ensure that the installation caters for the reinforcement of your foundation wall to preserve its integrity.

Can egress windows be installed in a stone foundation?

Yes. You can have an egress window installed in just about any type of foundation wall. Professional contractors have the right tools to ensure a successful installation.

How long does it take to have the window installed?

This depends on various factors. However, the installation can be typically completed within a day. There is therefore minimal interference with your daily activities.


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