Cracked Foundation

Are you facing a cracked foundation? Cracks in the foundation can be a source of great consternation. However, cracks occur for a wide number of reasons. It is therefore important to determine whether your cracks are structural or non-structural.

Non-structural cracks

These are cracks that are not serious. They often occur as a result of shifting or settling of the foundation. These cracks can be repaired quite easily. They occur just about anywhere on the foundation wall. They, however, are more likely to occur at points of weakness such as openings in the walls for windows, pipes and doors.

Non-structural cracks are caused by lateral pressure that is exerted on the foundation by the soil that surrounds it. They are narrow in appearance. Many are hairline cracks that are often not obvious.

These cracks, though small, can result in serious problems if not repaired in good time. Water can seep through the cracks if the soil surrounding the foundation is soaked.

The good news is that repair for cracks that are non-structural is simple. It involves the use of the injection method where urethane that expands is injected into the cracks. This forms a permanent seal that prevents water from entering the cracks.

It is however important to ensure that other issues that lead up to seepage problems are dealt with as well to prevent further seepage.

Structural cracks

These cracks usually occur in patterns and are much larger than non-structural cracks. They often occur in corners and are angled. These cracks often exceed 1/8” in width.

These cracks often occur as a result of the pressure exerted on the foundation wall by water-saturated soil surrounding the foundation. They may also occur when the soil surrounding the basement shrinks too quickly or too much and leaves the foundation walls unsupported.

Repair of these cracks is more intensive. It involves the use of basement wall support systems which may include carbon fiber strips.

Whether your cracked foundation exhibits structural or non-structural cracks, it is important to ensure that you work closely with a foundation expert. This will ensure that all aspects of waterproofing are considered in the repair of the cracks. The foundation expert will guide you on the best solution for your current situation. They will guide you on how to prevent further problems with your foundation. Be sure to seek out a licensed professional contractor.