Egress Window Systems

Egress window systems are one of those things you simply need to accept. They are a requirement set by the National Building Code for basements that are to be used as living spaces. They are not only important for air circulation and light but also for providing an emergency escape for occupants and entrance for emergency personnel.

Apart from considering the style of your egress window systems, it is important to consider safety features. Many intruders use egress windows to gain access to homes. Egress windows are also a common site for accidents.

The following are some features you should consider having included in your egress window:

  1. Window well covers

These are a great safety feature for windows that are below ground level and include a window well. They can prevent people and animals from falling into the window well and being injured. They will also keep debris and other falling objects out of the window well.

These covers are made from a variety of materials and come in various shapes and styles. Bubble covers for example, protrude out of the ground therefore preventing animals and children from walking on the cover.

Invest in a strong cover that can handle a lot of pressure. This will prevent accidents and provide you with service for longer.

  1. Grates

These are a great choice for safety around your egress window. They are often manufactured from steel, which is strong enough to support the weight of an adult. They will therefore be efficient at preventing children and animals from falling into the window well.

The spaces between the bars however, do not keep debris and smaller objects from falling into the well. A hybrid that includes the traditional window well cover and the steel grate could be your best option.

  1. Drainage

It is also important to consider drainage when having your egress window system installed. This will prevent flooding of the window well and subsequent window leaks. Ensure that the egress window systems you’re considering have suitable drainage.

It is important to ensure that your window wells are well maintained. Regular cleaning will help to prevent debris from collecting and causing a drainage problem. Rake the area around the window well to keep dried leaves and branches away from the space. Trim trees and shrubs to prevent branches and leaves from dropping into the window well.

Keeping your egress windows safe will ensure their durability. Contact us today for more information.