When was the last time you went down to your basement? If you have been there of late, it is highly likely that you were looking for some long forgotten item and you dashed out of there as if there was a ghost behind you.

Sprucing Up Your Basement

Despite all the neglect this room gets, it can still give you invaluable service as a kid’s playroom among other uses. Well, you have to spruce it up if at all it is to serve a better role in your household other than the forgotten room. An epoxy basement floor is an innovative technique to bring life back to this room.

Delving into Epoxy Basement Floor Coating

There is no gainsaying that your concrete basement floor is strong but still it is susceptible to wear. Moreover, it is porous and with time its color and gloss fades to give a dour look to the room. As the floor is a focal point in any room, a dull look devalues it.

Epoxy is a sealant applied on top of a concrete floor and it comes with myriad benefits that will transform your basement into a must-visit room. Some of these benefits include:

  • Low odor and VOC emissions: With more concerns raised about carbon emissions caused by coating products, an epoxy basement floor offers the safest alternative. Your family will enjoy a better looking living space without any risks to their health.
  • Protection: Your floor is susceptible to wear especially due to consistent traffic. Moreover, moisture seepage can ruin a floor and this is what epoxy coating protects against. This in turn lengthens the life of your basement floor.
  • Aesthetic value: With so many colors, glosses and finishes available it is easy to customize the floor to get a seamless room decor. You can apply colors that blend or contrast with the walls or other room fittings.
  • Easy maintenance: Cleaning your epoxy floor is easy considering that dirt particles do not bind with the flooring material. The coating material is also resistant to stains and hence any liquids and smudges are easy to wipe to get a clean floor.
  • Longer life expectancy: Any contractor will tell you that an epoxy floor will last 30-years plus and this is no gimmick. Once the coating is applied, careful maintenance will give you a remarkably performing floor.

You might be tempted to buy DIY kits to apply epoxy basement floor coating, but it is more advisable to hire an experienced contractor for the project. Not only do they complete the task efficiently, you will also learn invaluable skills on how best to maintain your floor.