Foundation Crack Repair Myths

There are few words that strike fear and panic in the heart of a homeowner like foundation crack repair. This is mainly because there are many myths circulating about the process. It is time to bust some of these myths and ensure that you have the right information:

  1. It’s extremely expensive

Does it cost a lot of money to have foundation cracks repaired? Yes. However, it isn’t necessarily excessively expensive. The cost of foundation crack repair depends on the size, location and type of crack you’re dealing with.

Smaller cracks are easier to deal with. They also require less labor and materials to repair. Cracks that have grown and are structural are more intensive to repair.

  1. You can put off the job and wait for prices to fall

Some homeowners believe that putting off the repair of their foundation is the best option when they find that quotes from contractors are higher than what they had anticipated. They hope that prices will drop with time.

The problem with this is that the damage in your basement only gets worse. You may end up spending more to correct the problem if you wait for too long. You could save yourself thousands of dollars by having your foundation repaired sooner rather than later.

  1. You can repair cracks by filling them

Many people believe that all it takes to repair a foundation crack is filling it. While there is nothing wrong with filling cracks, the epoxy won’t cause the root problem to go away. In time, you will have an even bigger leak to deal with. This is a time bomb waiting to explode.

When dealing with foundation cracks, cosmetic fixes are not the best solutions. It is best to ensure that the root issue is resolved for long term benefit.

  1. Cracks can help to accurately identify the root problem

Cracks are a symptom of a problem. Identifying the cracks does play an important role in diagnosing the root problem. However, this is not the end all and be all of diagnosis. There are many other steps involved in accurately determining the cause of the problem. You cannot depend on the cracks alone to determine the root cause.

  1. Reliable contractors are easy to find

If you’re dealing with foundation cracks, it is wise to have a professional assist you. However, don’t trust just any contractor with your foundation. Be sure to do your homework. Check the background of the contractor. Look for a contractor with good references and compare quotes before making your final decision.