Foundation Waterproofing in Westchester NY

Every homeowner wishes to maintain their property in mint condition. However, this is not always easy considering much of the structure is exposed to the elements. One of the most sensitive parts of your home is the foundation and as such, it requires specialized care for it to serve the intended purpose. The foundation supports the entire structure and if its strength is compromised, it leads to damage in other parts of your home.

Water Problems

One of the major causes of foundation problems is water. The foundation walls are exposed to water pressure from the surrounding soil. This could lead to cracking and bulging walls, which compromise the integrity of the entire structure. Water can seep through cracks into the basement leading to property damage. During heavy floods, the foundation walls can even crumble.

This is where exterior foundation waterproofing comes in handy. The process entails identifying the underlying source of water and treating it before waterproofing the walls to protect against further water damage.

Warning Signs

Foundation water problems might not be so obvious and sometimes only a professional inspection will bring the problem to the fore. Some of the early signs of water damage include brown rot, rust on metal surfaces, musty odor due to mold growth, standing water, peeling paint, efflorescence on the walls and high humidity levels in the house.

Steps in Comprehensive Foundation Waterproofing

It is important to hire a professional contractor for any foundation waterproofing project as opposed to DIY. These experts carry certification and are highly experienced in modern waterproofing technologies. More importantly, they treat the underlying water problem as opposed to treating the symptoms, which is what DIY waterproofing is all about.

A comprehensive exterior waterproofing project involves:

  1. Foundation inspection and preparation: The contractor will first assess the extent of the damage already done and also identify the source of water leakage. Any utility lines are marked and a permit is acquired if the code demands for one.
  2. Foundation excavation and repair: Using appropriate tools and equipment, the soil next to the foundation wall is excavated to expose the wall fully down to the footing. The wall is cleaned for debris and inspected for further damage. Repairs are done depending on the type of damage and can include structural or non-structural approaches.
  3. Waterproofing membrane: This can either be applied through spraying directly on the wall or through a trowel. All products used should be VOC compliant.
  4. Protection board installation: To prevent he foundation waterproofing membrane against damage by the backfill, a foam protection board is installed before the backfill is replaced.

Foundation waterproofing should be done early enough to prevent debilitating damage to your property. Call in a foundation contractor the moment you notice any signs of water leakage in the basement.

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