Foundation Repair and Waterproofing

Foundation waterproofing

Foundation waterproofing with tar and asphalt based mixtures is a limited treatment method that will eventually fail. When damp-proofing products cure and set, they will become rigid and brittle. One of the characteristics and disadvantages of asphalt called bituminous materials is the destructive breakdown caused by acid north east soils. Choosing the right waterproofing solution is just as important as choosing the right company.

A.M Shield Waterproofing specializes in exterior foundation waterproofing. With 30 years experiencing in foundation waterproofing, certifications, training, team and products A.M. Shield Waterproofing is the right choice all around.


Tegra-Tite 500

Tegra-Tite 500 membrane waterproofing membrane combines a cross laminated HDPE with a 60 mil layer of sodium bentonite clay and is intended for use on below grade concrete structures.. These two layers combine for a 90 mil waterproof membrane. A difference of 55 mils over the most common waterproofing membranes intended for use on below-grade concrete structures. Sodium bentonite waterproofing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to seal concrete on the market. The fact is that sodium bentonite swells many times its mass, and then forms a strong water and chemical proof seal, permanently into the structure. Sodium bentonite is a natural material and is not vulnerable from acidic soil.

Tegra-Tite 500™ Benefits:

90 Mil overall thickness Self-sealing bentonite layer Superior crack bridging and elongation. No temperature restrictions Not vulnerable to acid load. Longevity: Life of the structure.

Foundation Excavation

Property is marked out to locate all utilities buried in the area. Surrounding areas are protected prior to excavation. Foundation wall is excavated to the depth of the footing. Foundation wall is cleaned and inspected.

Foundation Repair

When a foundation is found in poor structural condition all loose or deteriorated concrete is removed. A bonding agent is applied to the foundation and a high performance mortar repair.

Tegra-Tite 500™ Installation

Mastic is applied to the repaired foundation wall. Tegra-Tite 500 membrane is installed over the mastic and is seemed at all terminations. A termination bar is Installed.

Footing Drain Upgrade

A perforated pipe is laid at the bottom of the footing and sloped to move water away from the bottom of the Foundation. The pipe is surrounded with drainage stone to attract water to the pipe through capillary action.

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Reliable Home Foundation Repair

AM Shield Waterproofing Corporation is experienced in all aspects of home foundation repair. We realize your home is your most valuable asset and we want to help you protect it. Our highly trained specialists can assist you with your residential foundation waterproofing.

We have a variety of basement drainage systems and solutions for excessive water problems.

If mold has damaged your home, AM Shield Waterproofing is an exceptional mold remediation contractor. Our residential mold removal services will assess the damage, repair the problem and create a healthy environment once again.

Whether you have a small repair or a home improvement project, you can depend on our attention to detail, outstanding service and high standards to get the work done safely and on time.

Our exceptional commercial foundation repair services can help your church, business or company work in a safe environment once again. Call today for a free evaluation. Please take the time to browse through the informative articles detailing our services.

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