Do you suspect that your home is infested with mold? Mold will not only destroy your property but can also cause a wide variety of health issues. If you suspect that your home has a mold problem, it is a good idea to do what you can to get rid of the fungi. This will help to protect your health and your property.

One of the first steps towards getting rid of mold is to have mold testing done. This involves the collection of samples from different parts of your home. There are some homeowners that see this as an unnecessary expense. After all, the signs of a mold infestation in your home are obvious. There are signs of water damage, an obvious musty smell and you’ve spotted black mold in your basement. You don’t need more tests to tell you that there’s mold in your home.

There is a lot more to mold testing than meets the eye. This testing is important for the following reasons. Mold Testing | Albertson, NY | A.M. Shield Waterproofing Corp

  1. Determining the extent of the infestation

Mold infestations often run deeper than many homeowners know. Just because you have seen the mold in the basement doesn’t mean the infestation is confined to the basement. Mold spores are dispersed in the air and spread through ventilation systems to different parts of the home. Mold can grow in the walls and in other areas that make it difficult to detect.

Testing will reveal how deep the infestation runs. This will help the remediation company plan the remediation more effectively. They will know where to concentrate their efforts. This ensures that the removal process is effective. It therefore prevents reestablishment of the infestation.

  1. Reveals the type of mold present

The remediation contractor needs to understand what type of mold they are dealing with. This will help them determine the best approach to remediation. Going in blindly may only make matters worse. This approach ensures that they are able to apply agents that are effective against the particular fungi identified.

  1. Helps to reveal hidden issues

Mold thrives where moisture content is high. Testing helps to identify areas in the home that provide the perfect environment for the growth of mold. You may therefore be able to identify areas of concern in the home that you previously didn’t know about. You can fix them and prevent more problems in the future.

Professional mold testing is a necessary part of effective mold remediation. If you want the best results, be sure that this is included in the remediation process.

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