Retaining Walls in Westchester NY

If your property is on a sloping piece of land, then you will have to get creative with how you prevent soil movement. One of the most effective and attractive ways of doing this is by building retaining walls. These walls are designed to hold back earth. They therefore help to maintain the landscape as you would like it to be.

Benefits of Retaining Walls

There are many benefits to constructing a retaining wall on your property. These include the following:

  1. Prevent soil erosion

If your property is on sloping land, you will experience soil erosion. This will result in the loss of fertile soil from your property. The damage that results from soil erosion can be costly and last for years to come. It can be difficult to recover the quality of soil you need to make your landscape attractive again.

A retaining wall will ensure that land movement is no longer possible. The soil will therefore remain where it is. Investing in a retaining wall will save you a lot of money in long term repairs and recovery of your property.

  1. Prevents water movement

Retaining walls are not only effective at preventing the movement of earth, but also at stopping the movement of water in the soil as well as runoff. A well-constructed retaining wall will help to prevent excess water from flowing towards your property. This will in turn protect your foundation from water damage and flooding. You will therefore save yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars in the repair of your foundation by simply investing in a retaining wall.

  1. Provides more space

If you feel like your yard is too small, a retaining wall can make a big difference. Retaining walls add different levels to your landscape. They give you the opportunity to free up space on the lower levels by providing tiers for other activities such as gardening.

  1. Provides a focal point

Adding a retaining wall to your landscape can completely transform the look of your landscape. The retaining wall can create a space that acts as a focal point on your landscape. These walls can be designed to provide both functionality and beauty. They are eye-catching when placed strategically.

Talk to a professional contractor about the construction of a retaining wall on your property. Your property will benefit from the aesthetic and functional addition.

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