Sill Plate Drainage System in Albertson NY

Are you suffering under an infestation of termites, rodents, carpenter ants or mold? You should examine your foundation. You may be experiencing sill plate water damage.

The Sill Plate

The sill plate (also known as the ground plate) is a wooden structure that is located at the top of the foundation wall. It is a critical junction on which the wooden frame that forms the structure of the house is placed. The vertical members that form the frame of the home are attached to the sill plate. The wall is therefore not only a support for the frame of the house, but also a critical junction between the home above and the concrete foundation below.

Being a wooden structure, the sill plate can be easily damaged when exposed to high levels of humidity.

The Problem

It is not uncommon for homeowners and contractors alike to overlook the sill plate. However, it is a critical junction that can be affected by water damage.

Sill plate water damage is often the result of:

  • Building the foundation too low. The sill plate is therefore too close to the ground.
  • The landscape slopes towards the foundation. Water therefore collects near the foundation.
  • Improper drainage of masonry
  • Improper installation of masonry additions
  • Failure of building materials that are already on the site

Diagnosis and Solution

Identifying sill plate water damage is easy. You can spot the water penetrating into the home from the top of the foundation wall. The most effective solution for this problem is installing a sill plate drainage system.

The installation process is invasive but long term and effective. It involves the excavation of the area surrounding the foundation and inspecting the sill plate’s condition to confirm the level of damage. The sill plate may be repaired or replaced depending on the level of damage.

In many cases where the water damage has been ongoing for a long time, the sill plate will be severely damaged and will have to be replaced. Replacement involves the stabilization of the building, lifting it off, removing the damaged sill plate, installing a new one and replacing the building.

Once this is done, a waterproofing membrane is installed. A drainage pipe is then installed around the outside of the foundation wall. This pipe removes water from the soil surrounding the foundation. It guides the water away and therefore ensures that you avoid water damage.

Ensure that you use an experienced contractor to install your sill plate drainage system. This will help to ensure the best results.