Site Containment & Protection of Your Property

Protecting your property and leaving the smallest amount of mess is a top concern at AM Shield. To effectively achieve this goal we set up a containment area where our crews work.

The containment area utilizes 4 mil or 6 mil poly barriers and heavy duty drop cloths in areas that our crews will be operating. This will keep dust and debris from spreading to the remaining areas of the home. Upon completion of the job our crews sweep up any remaining dust and remove all containment barriers.

Air Handling Machines (Negative Air & Air Scrubbers)

Our crews use either a Negative Air Machine or a Neutral Air Scrubbing Machine to significantly reduce the amount of airborne dust and debris inside the work area. These units have the ability to move 750 to 2,000 cubic feet of air per minute and most are equipped with HEPA filtration. Air handling machines are just another example of how AM Shield will go above and beyond to provide the best in service and customer satisfaction.


Winning Credentials

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