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The Urethane Crack Injection Advantage

Urethane Crack Injection

When most people encounter cracks in their foundations, their first reaction is to search for a way to repair the cracks. This is important to prevent water seepage through the cracks. Even if the cracks in your foundation don’t show signs of leakage, they have a great potential to cause problems in the future.

One of the most economical ways to repair cracks in foundation walls is by sealing the cracks from the inside with a sealant. These sealants will prevent water from penetrating the cracks. These sealants are injected into the cracks.

Urethane Crack Injection

There are two popular types of sealants used for crack injection: epoxy and urethane sealants. Epoxy sealants have been widely used in the past. However, many contractors are now shifting to urethane crack injection. There are several reasons for this.

  1. Can be used under any conditions

Epoxy sealants can only be used when the crack is dry. They can therefore not be used to seal a crack that is actively leaking. Urethane on the other hand can be used to seal up cracks no matter what their condition. It doesn’t matter whether there are mineral deposits, mud or water in the crack. The crack can be sealed without the need for prior treatment.

  1. You can flush the crack with water before sealing

The crack can be flushed with water prior to sealing. Sealing can be done immediately after flushing. No drying time is required with this type of injection. Work can therefore be completed on the same day within a short period of time.

  1. It’s flexible

Urethane is a flexible material. It therefore shifts along with the foundation even after repair has been carried out. This is vital since foundations are constantly shifting. Epoxy, which is rigid, will end up cracking since it doesn’t shift along with the foundation.

  1. Cures rapidly

The sealant cures rapidly. This makes it possible to test the integrity of the seal after application. It is also beneficial in cases where urgent sealing is required to keep water out of the basement.

  1. High chemical expansion

Urethane expands to over 5 to 10 times its original volume. This makes it a very effective material for filling voids that are typically invisible to the eye.

If you’re considering having cracks in your basement wall repaired, talk to a professional contractor about the possibility of using urethane crack injection.

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