Basement waterproofing is a subject that is hotly debated among its experts. Things like method, materials and like subjects vary, each to their own levels of success, but one thing that everyone seems to agree on is the when- summer. The winter months, or if you live in a region that sees more rain than snow, the rainy months are most often the most daunting and woeful parts of the year, more so, if you have leaking basement. People often get into a mad rush to fix it and when done symptomatically, the best results may not be gotten.

Basement waterproofing in the summer

The dry part of the year is the best time to waterproof your basement. The reasons are simple, dry weather will not get in the way of the waterproofing process, whether it be internal or external. Consider a rubber bladder filled with water with a puncture. Will it be easier to try and seal the hole when the water is still leaking or empty it out, wipe it dry, paste the sealant over it, wait for it to dry and then refill the water? That is is why it is easier to complete basement waterproofing in the summer. The evaluation, identifying and sealing can be done without much of a problem and can be done to the best effect and the results will be far better. Preventive measures can also be taken.

Summer is not always dry

 Many parts of the country receive spells of rain in the middle of summer, summer storms or monsoons as they are often called are quick spells of rain that can help you identify rain damage and which parts of the basement need what work. It’s a complete win-win situation.

What to look for

Use the wet months to identify leaks. They are normally around cracks and other irregularities. Mark them out on the walls and floor if you have to. If the summer is completely dry, use it in your advantage and be thorough with your investigations.

Summer also has the advantage of being off season for a good number of contractors and you may even score yourself a bit of a discount. Apart from this, getting an appointment will also be easy and they will work in a relaxed way, bringing their best game forward. So if you need basement waterproofing done, do it before the rains start.