Window well corrections provide superior drainage away from the weak area of the foundation, the window.

The installation begins by excavating the window area to the foundation’s footing. The wall is then cleaned and inspected and minor repairs such as cracks are repaired with cement. A waterproofing membrane is installed to the foundation wall in the areas that have been excavated.

Areas of the sill plate will leak when exposed improper slope away from the building or in most cases when the sill plate Is buried under soil, concrete & masonry. On the exterior, if your homes siding is buried below the dirt or concrete, water can seep in between the 1st floor framing and top of your foundation or slab. Commonly, brick paver patios, steps, landings and landscape built above the sill line will leak because this area of the building is not always designed to stop water when its not a minimum of 2” above grade.


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