Capillary waterproofing, also referred to as crystalline waterproofing, technology is an idea that originated from Denmark, where it was developed in 1945. In 1968, capillary coating was brought to North America by a Dane.

Over the years, this technology has proved to be one of a kind. Surpassing all other technologies, the following are the major benefits that crystalline waterproofing technology has shown so far.

  1. Versatility

You can use the capillary coating as a mortar, spray it or inject. Moreover, you can choose to apply it either on the outside (positive) or the inside (negative) of the structure.

Also, you can use it on concrete, brick, cinder block or concrete block and still expect its effectiveness to remain unchanged. All these factors show how versatile it is whilst producing high results.

  1. Permanence

When you decide to use capillary waterproofing in Kings County NY, you are certain that this is not just a barrier you are creating. It will completely change how the concrete transmits moisture. This is unlike barrier and membrane systems which are big on creating barriers thus providing little protection in the long run.

When the capillary coating gets in contact with the surface, capillary action (which is enhanced by the moisture present) starts and chemicals which are initially inside the coating are automatically pulled inside the pore of the concrete. The pre-existing lime inside the concrete reacts with these chemicals and the result is crystals which occupy the pores, filling them permanently. A continued presence of moisture in their new environment guarantees more reaction and penetration. Eventually, even the finest pores are filled and water is sealed out.

  1. Self-Healing ability

When the structure gets minor injuries, it self-heals within a short time and continues to expand as long as moisture is present.

  1. Protection

Using capillary waterproofing in Kings County NY serves to protect your property from corrosion, attack by various chemicals and the freeze-and-thaw cycles.

  1. Easy Application

Since it is not hard to apply it, the cost on labor is significantly cut down making it more cost-effective than other methods like membranes and sealers.

  1. Environment Friendly

The non-toxicity of the chemicals makes this an environment friendly method of waterproofing.

In Conclusion

Capillary waterproofing in Kings County NY is the best method out there when it comes to locking water out of unwanted areas. Its vast benefits uphold this claim. If you are looking to have such a system, this is the way to go, and do not forget that only an expert can make tangible what is in your mind.