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Benefits of Liquid Spray Applied Foundation Waterproofing in Kings County NY

Foundation Waterproofing in Kings County

If you’re experiencing water seepage and moisture problems in your basement, you’re probably considering different foundation waterproofing methods and systems.

Waterproofing is designed to eliminate the penetration of moisture through the foundation. There are several different methods and systems used for waterproofing. Excavation and the application of a waterproof membrane on the exterior surface of the wall is considered one of the most effective waterproofing methods available today.

Spray Applied Waterproofing Membrane

There are several different systems that are used for waterproofing. Spray applied waterproofing membranes are a new development in the market. These waterproofing systems include the use of a polymer-enhanced fluid that is applied to the external surface of the walls by spraying.

There are many reasons why contractors are gravitating to this method of foundation waterproofing. These include the following.

  1. Ease of Use

It is easy to apply the waterproofing membrane. This is because you simply need to spray a thin coat of the liquid on the wall. The application can therefore be completed in a shorter time compared to that of other types of membranes.

  1. Provides a Seamless Finish

One of the biggest challenges of traditional foundation waterproofing membranes is that gaps along seams are points of vulnerability in the systems. They can be penetrated by moisture. The liquid spray waterproofing membrane addresses this issue by providing a seamless finish. There are no seams or breaks through which water can penetrate through to the wall beneath.

  1. Can Applied on Various Surfaces

The liquid membrane can be applied to just about any surface. It doesn’t matter whether your foundation is constructed from masonry block or concrete, the membrane will adhere to the surface and provide an effective waterproofing membrane.

  1. No Need for Additional Substrates

The liquid comes ready for application. There is therefore no need for further mixing on site. The membrane will adhere to the surface without the need for an additional fixative.

  1. Can be Applied on Damp Surfaces

You don’t have to wait for the perfect weather conditions for the application of the membrane because it can be applied on damp or green concrete. This is especially beneficial during emergency situations. You can be sure that the membrane will adhere even when the surface is still damp.

  1. Low Maintenance

This membrane provides long term waterproofing. You won’t have to think about maintenance of the membrane once it is installed. You can enjoy a dry basement for several years to come.

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