Seepage Repair in Westchester NY

In order to effectively carry out seepage repair, it is important to determine where the seepage is coming from and the cause of the seepage. This is the first step any foundation specialist takes. They are then able to provide you with the best solution for long-term prevention of seepage.

Common seepage locations

There are various locations that seepage can occur in a foundation. However, the most common locations include:

  • Through the walls

Seepage can occur through foundation wall cracks. This is the most common source of seepage on poured concrete foundations. Most cracks occur within 30 days of pouring the concrete foundation. These are not a structural flaw as they are often a result of the shrinkage of the concrete as it dries.

These cracks are often small and invisible, and can they become large structural cracks as a result of high hydrostatic pressure. Seepage through these cracks can worsen over time. Seepage repair for large foundation cracks can be expensive and labor intensive. It is therefore important to have these cracks fixed as soon as possible.

  • Through the floor

When a home is being constructed, they include a drain tile system. This drain tile is vital for guiding water away from the foundation. It is an important part of waterproofing. This prevents the buildup of hydrostatic pressure on the foundation.

You can experience high hydrostatic pressure if your drain tile system is not working properly, wasn’t installed properly or was simply not installed at all. A foundation repair professional can assist you to restore your drain tile system and install a sump pump to effectively remove water.

  • From the top of the wall

This type of seepage is also known as above grade seepage. It is one of the most common sources of seepage in a basement. It can occur when the soil grading is done poorly. It can also occur when the soil around the foundation is heaped higher than the concrete wall.

When you notice any seepage in your basement, it is important to search for a contractor to assist you. Seepage repair ought only to be carried out by an experienced and licensed contractor. Ensure that they are insured and have a warranty for their products as well as their work. Carry out background checks to see if the contractor you are interested in is reputable and always be sure to compare quotes for the repair job before you make your final decisions.