Capillary Waterproofing

One of the toughest tasks in home maintenance has to be keeping a basement dry. The fact that this space is below the surface makes it vulnerable to water penetration. Water and moisture problems lead to neglect of basements and most homeowners only discover the importance of water proofing when it is too late. One of the main sources of water in the basement is the foundation wall.

The Impact of Water Pressure

While modern construction technology has enabled construction of more solid walls, the pressure caused by surface and ground water is too strong. Eventually, some water or vapor finds its way into the basement causing property damage, mold growth, wood rot and essentially compromising the structural integrity of your home.

Overview of Capillary Action

Capillary action is largely blamed for moisture in the basement. This starts when liquid water saturates the lower areas near a water source. This will eventually transgress into water and vapor above the saturation layer. Naturally, concrete is porous and these pores allow vapor and water through the foundation walls into the interior. This is where capillary waterproofing comes in handy.

The Best Capillary Waterproofing System

The technology dates back to 1945 in Denmark but today more advanced systems have emerged. AQUAFIN®-IC (IntegraCoat) is one of the most effective capillary wall protection systems in the market today and it works by working its way through the concrete wall into the pores that would otherwise allow water and vapor penetration.

Unlike a vapor barrier that can fail with time, this system actually strengthens the performance of the wall by closing all entry points that would allow water into the basement. How does it do this? To achieve this feat, the patented AQUAFIN®-IC is manufactured using waterproofing chemicals that react with products in concrete including lime and water to create insoluble crystalline bonds, which in turn seal all pores and cracks in the wall.

The immediate impact is to avert further water entry by resisting hydrostatic pressure and making the foundation wall even stronger. This capillary waterproofing is a permanent solution, which means your home is fully protected. More importantly, you will not have to worry about regular foundation wall repairs due to water damage.

There are other capillary water solutions in the market, AQUAFIN®-IC stands out because of its permanency as it penetrated the concrete wall. It resists the highest levels of hydrostatic water pressure making it the ideal waterproofing solution for any type of property.

Capillary waterproofing not only protects your precious investment but also guarantees your family’s health. Talk to a contractor to learn more about this ingenuously designed waterproofing system.