Window Well Drains

Windows can completely transform a basement from a dark and dingy hole to a space with a lot of potential. Windows allow natural light into the space and also improve the circulation of air in the space. Building codes and regulations also require that basements that have been converted into living spaces have windows that are large enough to act as emergency exits.

When you have a window in a basement, it should be accompanied by a window well. Window wells improve the functioning of the window. They allow for more light and for better circulation of air. While they are not a must-have, they are worth investing in for the best results with your windows.

The Problem with Window Wells

While there are many benefits of having window wells installed, there are also some downsides. One of the most obvious downsides is that window wells are prone to flooding. Even well fitted window wells are prone to flooding. They act like any other big hole in the ground and capture water. Flooding can especially be a problem when there is heavy rainfall.

Flooding of window wells spells problems for basements. When the window well fills with water, pressure is created on the window. Water will seek every little opening to find a way out and is likely to seep into the basement.

Fixing the Problem

The best way to fix the problem is to prevent the well from filling with water in the first place. This means installing a window well cover. However, this may not be aesthetically pleasing or practical for some situations.

A second solution is to provide the water with a way out. This involves installing window well drains. These drains ought to be connected to exterior or interior drain tile. When constructed and maintained properly, these drains will not allow the window well to fill up with water.

It is important not to attempt to install window well drains on your own. Several factors must be taken into consideration before the installation. This ensures that the drains are installed correctly and are effective in draining water from the window well.

It is also important to ensure proper maintenance of the window well. This means unclogging drains regularly and removing debris from the window well. This ensures that the drains are kept clear and are therefore able to function effectively even in the event of heavy rainfall.

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