Window Well Drains


Cost effective flood protection

Window well drains, when paired with a pressure relief system, provide protection against window well leakage Overflow drains installed safely carry water to the pressure relief system’s pump where it is discharged from the structure. The 1½” pipe that provides the drainage remains close to the foundation wall so finishing the basement with the drains installed is easy. Homes that do not have, or do not need a pressure relief system installed, should consider a window well correction.

Window Well Correction

The Problem

Basement windows are an area that often leaks in a basement for one of many reasons. Heavy rains may cause the window well to fill up to the level of the window or a window may be too low in the ground and leak due to surface water runoff. Whatever may cause the window to fail there is a solution. Homes with a pressure relief system may decide to install a window well drain instead.

The Solution

Window well corrections provide superior drainage away from the weak area of the foundation, the window. The installation begins by excavating the window area to the foundation’s footing. The wall is then cleaned and inspected and minor repairs such as cracks are repaired with cement. A waterproofing membrane is installed to the foundation wall in the areas that have been excavated. During the backfill process a column of 3/4″ drainage gravel is installed from the foundation footing to the top of the window well and the soil is replaced outside of the well. A new galvanized well is installed and any excess soil is carted away. Custom masonry window wells are also available.

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