If you’re a homeowner and are struggling with a wet foundation, you may be searching the internet for information on foundation waterproofing. The good news is that there are several methods available for keeping your foundation dry. However, not all methods will work for your situation.

One of the biggest problems homeowners face when searching for solutions for their wet foundations is the approach that salespeople take when they approach homeowners. Sales people will try to get you to purchase their company’s system no matter what your personal circumstances are. They use a one-size-fits-all approach. They will promise you that their system is the best solution for your problem. However, this isn’t always the case.

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It is important for homeowners to know that systems fall into two broad categories. Some systems provide waterproofing and others provide water control or management. In many cases, systems that manage water are less expensive and also easier to install. The convenience and cost savings of water management systems make them more appealing to homeowners looking to save money and get the waterproofing done with. However, they don’t address the underlying cause of the seepage.

Water management/control

These systems are often installed inside the basement. They include the installation of a drain and sump pump. They may also include the installation of plastic water barriers.

These methods do not keep water out of the basement. They only divert the water away from the foundation wall and floor. While many salespeople will tell you that they are foundation waterproofing systems, they only help to manage the problem.


Waterproofing involves the installation of a system that will keep the water from entering the basement. These systems are often installed on the exterior of the basement wall. They include excavation of the soil around the foundation, filling c installing a protective membrane on the exterior surface of the foundation wall.

Which is best?

The best solution for your home will depend on your particular circumstances. However, if you want to ensure complete protection for your foundation, you should use a combination of foundation waterproofing and water management systems. This will help to not only prevent seepage into your basement, but also protect the basement walls from bowing and cracking.

Be sure to talk to a professional waterproofing contractor to determine the best system for your foundation. Invest in a system that will give you great performance for the long-term.

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