Window Well Drains in Nassau County

If you are a homeowner, you appreciate how hard it is to maintain the basement. In most cases, homeowners adopt an out-of-sight, out-of-mind attitude when it comes to their basements and eventually this neglect leads to problems. One of the main concerns is of course, basement leaks. If you have noticed mold growth or standing water in your basement, it is important to talk to a contractor. One of the major causes of basement water is a leaking window well.

Why Install a Window Well?

A basement window is a fantastic addition to this living space. It adds natural light and also gives your home an aesthetic appeal. If you want to remodel your basement, a window well helps reduce energy bills by providing natural light during the day.

However, if the window well is not well installed it ends up directing water into the basement. In most cases, builders will not see the need for a window drain and when it rains you end up with a flooded basement. Whether the window is open or closed, the flow of water from the walls especially during heavy rains will force its way through the window space into the basement. If the window is close to the ground, the problem is even worse because run off water has more pressure.

The Risk of Basement Water

Basement water causes a lot of damage to your property. The carpets and rugs on the floor will over time get damaged and any furniture on the floor will rot. There is even a greater risk of black mold growth. While mold might look harmless, you need to consider that most of the air you breathe in your home comes from the basement. Toxic mold spores can find their way into your house leading to respiratory complications.

Window Well Drains

In such cases, window well drains come in handy. If you have noticed signs of water seepage in the basement, it is time to talk to a basement contractor to install a drain system. A window well drain will collect all the water and direct it away from the basement walls. The water can also be directed through a pipe to a drain tile or a sump pump if you have one.

Window well drains should be installed by a qualified contractor. Such an expert will not only install the window drain but also an extensive drain system to ensure all the collected water doesn’t stand next to the walls. The process also includes installing a waterproofing membrane on the foundation wall near the window well.